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Pedicures at Fingers & Toes European Health Spa

Come on in for one of our day spa deluxe pedicures. If you are getting your fingernails done, you might as well get your toenails done as well, especially for those summer months when sandles become the footwear of choice. In a pedicure, someone will polish and beautify your toenails.

Pedicure specialists will also get rid of the dead skin on the foot. It wouldn’t matter if you had pretty toenails if you also have other unsightly areas on the rest of your foot. During your pedicure, we massage your foot, using high quality and nicely scented oils and lotions. We also clean out our pedicure stations after every client so you can rest assured.

So call us today at Fingers & Toes European Health Spa, for deluxe pedicure services.

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